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Steakhouse Cup round. D1 & D2 deferrals

To all clubs

The date for Steakhouse Cup was late to finalise this year.  As result there is a round scheduled for Sunday the 4th of June when the Steakhouse cup to be held in Wagga. 

This was discussed at the Presidents Secretaries meeting last week and the response from Clubs with Board input supports deferral of the Sunday games for this round.

These will be rescheduled and played by agreement of the teams by the end of July. Failing agreement of a date the home team will provide three dates to the away team who is to select the date from these. The available dates and grounds for Monday night, Thursday night and late Saturday afternoon will be forwarded to clubs on Monday.  

Steakhouse Cup is the only fixture where all our representative teams can play and share their experience of representing this Association.

It will also be a day where  Strikers and Spitfire teams can  show their capability and build on their training over the last three months which will assist in their journey to rejoining Capital League in 2018.



Bert Eastoe


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Border Mail reporting

Subject: Border Mail
To all clubs,

As you may have noticed we are getting regular coverage in the Border Mail this year.

For the post-game reports on the weekends D1 games, I have an arrangement with the paper that they will try to get a photographer to the 2pm Sunday game – and we supply the write up.

I have been randomly asking people on the day to assist me with this, and they have done a great job.  It is not an onerous task – just a paragraph.

I was wondering if we have any budding journalists out there who might be interested in assisting me by providing a paragraph on one of the 2pm games on a Sunday?  Or do you have a club member who might be at these games and happy to assist.

Please let me know if you have anyone who might be able to help me with this (even if its only once or twice for the season) to help raise the profile of local hockey.


Cayte Campbell

Sports Operations Manager

Administration & Operations | Hockey Albury-Wodonga Inc.
P.O Box 386, Albury, NSW, 2640
(  (02) 6041 3417 | (  0417 688 852 |  *  admin@haw.net.au

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HAW Vets Mens Squad

The Men’s Vets Squad would like to request your assistance in helping us with recruitment

 If the following could be passed on to your members it would be appreciated.

Dear Club Members,

Call to Arms

HAW Vets are looking for new blood to assist with our annual campaign to maintain the mantel of champion Regional Association again this year.

Though we have plenty of the usual suspects returning for the umpteenth time, as you can appreciate the wear and tear of a 3 day tournament takes its toll after so many trips to battle.

Each year we manage to recruit a new Pup or two but we would like to encourage more to join us at training over the next few weeks and join us in future campaigns even if you can’t make it for this one.


If you are over 35 and interested, please submit your details and availability via the following link

VETS Survey

Or simply respond with the following details (survey is easier for me J)





Preferred Position(s):

Squad Availability

–         June 4th – Steakhouse Cup Availability:

–         June 10th to 12th , HV Regional Tournament (Greensborough) Please include days available

o   Saturday:

o   Sunday:

o   Monday:



Even if you can’t commit this year, we will start training this Thursday night from 6pm at the Wodonga Hockey Centre.

Please get in touch ASAP and I will include you in future correspondence.



Andrew McMillan

Wombats Hockey Club

0428 618115

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Alcohol Consumption

Dear Clubs,

With the coming weekends involving a lot of club days.
Please remember HAW is a good sport affiliated organisation and as part of this has seen HAW communicate Alcohol consumption at junior games is not tolerated. This directive extends to BYO alcohol on Friday nights. The 16s competition is part of our junior association. Please ensure Clubs are reminded of this measure.
If club members are seen with alcohol at junior games they will be asked to take the alcohol out of the premises.
Further on from this in regards to BYO alcohol at senior games, HAW does not encourage BYO alcohol as quantity consumed can not be monitored but should club members at senior games do so they are reminder BYO is not permitted to be in glass bottles. The stance of HAW is if seen with glass you will be asked to remove drinks from ground immediately.
 Please ensure this is communicated to you club members and affiliates.

Thank you,

Kind Regards

Deb Lawrence

Competitions Director

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Club Day!


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Marshall Policy

Subject: RE: Marshalls policy

To all clubs,


We now have our Marshalls vests.  A big thanks to “Mr Sparkie” who has sponsored the vests for us.


As of this week the Marshalls will be in use.  Please remember to organise a person for each game that your club is participating in.


The vests will be with:

Albury – at the canteen

Wodonga – at the canteen (or hanging in the umpires dugout)

Corowa – with United

Wangaratta – with Wangaratta

Beechworth – with Beechworth


Please ensure that when the game is finished that they immediately go back to where they came from for the next team to use.


Remember that the Marshals must:

·         be 18 years of age or older;

·         wear clothing that readily identifies them as a Marshall;

·         walk around the field used throughout the match and ensure they are clearly visible to Spectators, and are in an appropriate spot for monitoring off-field incidents and behaviour;

·         the Marshall must, if it is safe to do so, remind spectators  of their obligation comply with the HAW Code of Behaviour and issue any reasonable direction

·         If any spectator fails to comply with the Marshalls reasonable directions, the Marshal should contact their Club for further assistance. If required the Club official representative is to contact the police or relevant emergency services for support;

·         not engage in any verbal or physical altercations;

·         not consume alcohol or smoke while acting as a Marshall;

·         not, unless it is safe to do so, approach opposition Spectators  behaving inappropriately and must instead approach the opposition Marshall to resolve any issues.

Further details are in the policy on the web


If there are issues then the appropriate form on the web is to be filled in and sent to admin@haw.net.au (or put in the results box)


The form to report any issues (which ideally will not be needed) can be located at http://www.haw.net.au/Information/Rules-Policies






Cayte Campbell

Sports Operations Manager


Administration & Operations | Hockey Albury-Wodonga Inc.
P.O Box 386, Albury, NSW, 2640
(  (02) 6041 3417 | (  0417 688 852 |  *  admin@haw.net.au



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Umpiring fines

Hi all,

The Director of Umpires has advised that this year there will be a fine for clubs who fail to supply an umpire for a home team appointment.  This also applies to Division 1 umpires who have been nominated by their club for the roster.

You will receive a warning for the first instance where you fail to supply but post that, there will be a fine of $50 for each game where your umpire does not turn up.


Cayte Campbell

Sports Operations Manager

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