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2021 – Hockey is back on!

Let’s get ready to go ——————–>

From the links below and to your left, you’ll be able to find out all kinds of information relevant to playing/coaching or being involved with the Norths Hockey Club.

We are proudly sponsored by the Northside Hotel. See Sponsors page for more details or talk to a Committee member if you’re interested in sponsoring the club!

If you’re interested in coaching – let the committee know!

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HAW Participation Officer

Good Evening All,

Just a short note to all those that took time out of their schedules to meet with me this week. I am very appreciative of your time and it was great to meet you. For those that I didn’t have time to meet with I look forward to catching up with you soon.

Hockey ACT has this afternoon gone live advertising the HAW Participation Officer role. The role is currently live on Sportspeople and by 10pm this evening it will be live on Seek as well. The sportspeople advert can be found here: https://www.sportspeople.com.au/jobs/67854-hockey-albury-wodonga-participation-officer-hockey-act

The advert is also being promoted on the Hockey ACT Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn page. Can I ask you all to please share the social media posts through your channels. We are trying to spread the word as far and wide as possible so your support would be very much appreciated.

If you are able to promote it through your websites as well we would be appreciative. It is currently on our vacancies page as well: https://www.hockeyact.org.au/news/vacancy-hockey-albury-wodonga-participation-officer/

For your information we hope to conduct interviews for the role on 16-17 November and I will be back in the region the week commencing 15 November.

Thank you for your assistance sharing this information and I hope you all have a great weekend.



Rob Sheekey (He/Him)

Chief Executive Officer



E rob.sheekey@hockeyact.org.au | 0417 489 488

A National Hockey Centre, 196 Mouat St, Lyneham ACT 2602


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U15 and U18 Representative teams

To all clubs,

If you have any U15 & U18 layers who are interested in Representative hockey, can you please forward these links on to them.






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Round 9 Update

HAW update 9 July to all members

To all HAW members,

At a meeting last night for all clubs it was decided that there would be a change to how we start our games as from today.

Five minutes before the game the umpires and team captains will meet for the toss. They will have a conversation about the upcoming game, ask any questions they have of each other and mention some reminders (for example – do not pick up the ball, spitting is not allowed, respect the whistle and the players).  The run on and cheers will still take place to start the game. Remember – no handshaking, only tap sticks.

And please remember all persons entering any HAW hockey field must check in (NSW & Vic).   Currently in NSW masks are compulsory to enter the grounds.  Only players on the field are not required to wear masks.

And DO NOT come to hockey if you are unwell.

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HAW Competition update

To all clubs,

From 11:59pm this evening, Thursday 27 May 2021, Victoria will enter a 7-day lockdown

This means that, among all other restrictions, all Hockey activities in Victoria must be suspended.  As we are a border community and our clubs have members on both sides of the border, this means that we will not have any games this weekend and there can be no training in Victoria.  For Albury clubs, they can continue to train but only for their members who live in NSW.  This is in force at this stage until to 11:59pm on Thursday 3 June 2021. 

In terms of Hockey Albury Wodonga’s competitions, this means that the following competitions will not go ahead during this lockdown period:

  • Junior competitions on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 May 2021
  • Senior competitions on Saturday 29 May and Sunday 30 May 2021
  • Masters competitions on Monday 31 May 2021 
  • Xypex Spitfires games on Saturday 29 May and Sunday 30 May 2021


Clubs will be notified in the coming days of how we plan to manage the fixtured rounds of Hockey that will not occur due to the lockdown. 

At this stage, we intend to restart all Hockey activities on Friday 4 June but this is subject to change.

We will provide further updates as soon as any relevant information becomes available.


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From the Director of Umpires

Dear Clubs, 

As I will outline on Monday night please ensure that you communicate to all coaches and captains that Umpires will be advised to, as per FIH rules, to card captains a minimum green for any arguing/ whinging/ complaining from the coach or bench to or at any umpires about the state of umpiring or even just the slightest of come on didn’t you see that!!


I’m not saying all coaches/benches are doing this but just letting you all know to get the word out there please BECAUSE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 

If you are curious about what rules are being implemented please refer to 

Section:  * Playing the game (captains) 3.4 pg 16

                * Umpiring (Control) 2.3(c) pg 44

This will also be implemented thru players on the field as well!!


Kind Regards

Josh Mason

Umpires Director

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Entry to Dugouts – Reminder!

To all clubs,

With CoVid rearing its ugly head again it is timely to remind ALL teams that we need to be aware of dugout etiquette.

Teams are not to enter the dugouts until the occupying team has left the dugout.  Please stand back so the exiting team can get out with some space.

With that in mind, can occupying teams please move swiftly from the field, pick up your belongings and exit in a timely manner. 

If the team for the next game wishes to get on the field, then they can leave their bags etc by the side of the field and enter by the northern double gates (at Albury) or the umpires gate (in Wodonga) and start their warm up on the eastern side of the field so they do not interfere with the exiting team.

It is important that this message is conveyed to your coaches, managers AND players.

Also, please ensure all those who enter any HAW facility check in using the QR codes at the entry to the grounds.  We do not want to be shut down because we are not complying.

Kind Regards

Cayte Campbell

Sports Operations Manager

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Umpires Meeting 24th May 6:30 PM

From: Umpires Director <umpires@hockeyalburywodonga.com.au>
Date: 17 May 2021 at 8:15:05 pm AEST
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject:monday 24th may meeting Starts at 6.30pm

Hey Everyone I am holding an umpire meeting on Monday the 24th of May to go over some RULES that WE are planning on cracking down on and clearing up! Few little things that I noticed while down in Melbourne umpiring over the weekend at country champs. I am hoping that I will get clubs showing up and also juniors who are interested in umpiring and just anyone who is interested in hearing what’s going to start being enforced over the coming weeks! THE MORE THE MERRIER AS THIS WILL BE IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE TO KNOW.
thanks and hope to see a few there.
I will have paperwork near the entry for people who would like to start doing games and wat grades etc 

Kind Regards

Josh Mason

Umpires Director

Hockey Albury-Wodonga Inc.

P.O Box 386, Albury, NSW, 2640

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2021 AGM Minutes and President’s Report

Please see minutes here:


To say 2020 was a strange year is wildly understating the obvious.

But I’d like to put a more positive slant on our year without hockey.

While we didn’t get a chance to run out onto the field as we love to do each week, we were able to do two other ‘R’ words – reset and recover.

Valuable time at the weekend spent with our families was another unexpected bonus. The rush died down.

But I guess the old saying ‘you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone’, also rings true and I hope you share my excitement that our 2021 season is just around the corner.

Thinking back to when the hard decision was made by the Albury-Wodonga Hockey community to ultimately cancel the season.

We, the committee, went against the flow at times with the future of the game on the Border and the long-term health of our Club firmly in the forefront of our minds. Our stance was rarely the most popular one amongst our peers but our strength as a collective committee still stands for me as a point of real pride.

So my heartfelt thanks goes to the committee and I’d like to make special mention of Sarah Boyd who has been in overdrive firing up the engine for Norths in 2021.Another ‘R’ word comes to mind – Re-engage.

What a sight it will be to see our members back out on the training track and, ultimately, the playing fields over the next few weeks.

Our junior ranks, our future stars, have been strong over the past few years,  and now we must work to re-engage those youngsters who lost out on a season of development.

We’d love to see even more of our senior players step up into coaching and mentoring roles, not just for our flourishing junior brigade, but for their peers as well.

The benefits can only be positive.

Again we show our sincere appreciation to the Northside Hotel, who have stuck by us for many years as our major sponsor and continue to support us despite a tricky year for those in the hospitality industry.

Our Bunnings barbecue last weekend was a tremendous success and we thank Lockie’s Countryside Meats and Tallangatta Bakery as well as our members and their families who volunteered.

Our success as a club is based upon the combined actions of every single person who dons the blue and white and also those on the sidelines who support us, bring our juniors to training and games and generally just help out. There’s plenty of fine people in this club and we’re thankful for your presence.

We look forward to a fun 2021 season and hope to see all Divisions represented as strongly as they were in 2019.We’ve certainly got some catching up to do!

Le-Vene Horne
President Norths Hockey Club. 

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HAW Paid Position – Hockey Basics

To all clubs,

I have an opportunity for a couple of coaches/prospective coaches/players to earn some money coaching primary school students.

They would need to have;

  • A Working with Children clearance
  • A drivers license
  • Some basic coaching skills – note that the children will  have no skills and are between the ages or 5 and 13 and only require familiarisation with hockey.

A basic program (drills/exercises/games etc) is available.

As these opportunities are during the week, do you have anyone in your ranks who available during the week?

Please get back to me with any names or ask the person to contact me direct.

Kind Regards

Cayte Campbell

Sports Operations Manager

Administration & Operations | Hockey Albury-Wodonga Inc.
P.O Box 386, Albury, NSW, 2640

(  (02) 6041 3417 | (  0417 688 852 |  *  admin@haw.net.au

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Sale of Synthetic Turf

To all clubs and their members,

The Association has as part of its asset replacement program has removed the synthetic surface from AHC1.

There is about 5,000 square metre of turf in various sizes and the specific colours and approximate roll areas are attached.  It is about ten years old and in good condition.  The pile length is approx. 15mm

The unit price is $10 per square metre for the green and $5 for the brown, multi coloured and where there are stripes in the middle.

The material is ideal for use as

Home sports      Golf putting

Basketball practice

Bowls /Boule

Hockey practice

Other                    Children’s play areas

Car or trailer trays

Landscape           Steep bank stabilisation

Grass for recreation, landscaping, and pool surrounds

Cover areas of low quality light & soil, with poor ground cover


Environmental   Stabilise river and dam bank high wash areas

Protect high traffic areas

Protect sensitive archaeological assets

Erosion control

For more information or to view or pick up the turf please contact Cayte Campbell in the Hockey Albury Wodonga Office on 0417 688 852.

Kind Regards

Cayte Campbell

Sports Operations Manager

Administration & Operations | Hockey Albury-Wodonga Inc.
P.O Box 386, Albury, NSW, 2640

(  (02) 6041 3417 | (  0417 688 852 |  *  admin@haw.net.au

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