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Umpiring Updates!

Subject: re lists hi Everyone for those of you that do not know I have now taken over umpire coordinator role as of this week, so as of next week I am hoping to have no more hta games so … Continue reading

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Umpires 2018

Hi all clubs, This has been sent to all umpires on my list but I am sure there will be some in your clubs that are not on the list. Can you please forward this to all potential umpires and … Continue reading

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Great Umpire Opportunity for HAW

To all clubs, The 2018 season is approaching and we are in planning stage for all aspects of the year including umpires. We are very lucky to have Stirling Sharpe from Hockey ACT coming to visit us on Saturday 17 March.  … Continue reading

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Umpires for the Finals 2017

Subject: Umpires for finals Finals are just around the corner. As many of our games are HTA’s I need your help to find suitable umpires for our final series. If clubs with their team coaches/captains could provide the following: 1. … Continue reading

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Umpiring fines

Hi all, The Director of Umpires has advised that this year there will be a fine for clubs who fail to supply an umpire for a home team appointment.  This also applies to Division 1 umpires who have been nominated … Continue reading

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Umpires Meeting Monday 27th March 6.30pm

Our first umpires meeting is on this Monday, 6.30pm in the HAW Club rooms. The meeting will look at the 2017 rule interpretations and how they are to be applied in the coming 2017 HAW competition. As such, this meeting … Continue reading

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Umpire Development Modules this Sat/Sun 18-19 March Albury Club rooms

These modules are designed to assist all levels with umpiring. The modules focus on becoming a better umpire for the enjoyment of all involved. So far we have about 6 for the above course. We require a few more to … Continue reading

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Rule 13: Attacking Free hits within the 23 – Changes!

There has been some confusion with  attacking free hits within 5 metres of the circle. Clubs please forward this on to all your members. 1.       FIH Rule 13              http://www.fih.ch/media/10039834/rules-of-hockey-2015-adjustment-to-rule-132-as-at-16-february-2016.pdf Rule 13.2 is now as follows (all adjustments and guidance … … Continue reading

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Round 13 Umpiring

Round 13 Hi all Here is this week’s draw. Please email your availability. Round 13 24 June2016 Phil Dubbin will be here on Thursday 30 June at 6.30pm in the club rooms to conduct a level 1 umpire and general … Continue reading

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Umpires for weekend 3/4/5 June

Good morning, We have a few games to do and mainly on Sunday. Could you please put these up on Face Book & Website? Our U12 boys     Thursday     2/6         5.30pm      Grd … Continue reading

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